About us

Axiom Corporation is a management and technology consulting company providing information technology, professional, and health/medical support services to the federal government, Department of Defense and corporate entities.

Axiom Corporation has successfully supported numerous clients’ needs in IT, technical, project management, administrative, logistics, health/medical, clinical research, planning, training, and more. We have worked to stand up new initiatives and to improve existing programs. We are accustomed to working with organizations with special privacy and security requirements, including medical settings and military installations.

We have a very strong past performance history and long-standing client relationships. We pride ourselves on having a keen sense of urgency and excellent customer service, building lasting relationships, and bringing on talented staff members, team members and partners who are among the best in their fields.

Axiom Corporation is an organization comprised of highly-skilled and experienced professionals who are among the best in their fields. We pride ourselves in bringing on individuals who are experts in their professional areas and maintain the highest ethical standards.

Axiom Corporation believes that how we think is just as important as what we do. Three of our key mantras are:

• High Performing, Low Maintenance.
• People Do Business with People They Like.
• Sense of Urgency.

High Performing,
Low Maintenance

This means we pride ourselves on doing a great job and performing successfully.

People do business
with people they like

We strive to be the kind of people who are likeable, respected and willing to jump in and help solve challenges when they come up.

Sense of

We pride ourselves on having a sense of urgency in our response time that we hear is uncommon, especially in small businesses.