In addition to what we’ve done and who we do it for, Axiom Corporation believes that how we think is just as important.

Our motto is “High Performing, Low Maintenance.”

This means we pride ourselves on doing a great job and performing successfully on our contracts, but also doing so in a way that makes your job easier rather than more complicated. We like to provide a valuable service and do it in a low maintenance fashion, taking stress away from our client contacts. We do not want to be the contractor who requires extra attention, reminders about deadlines, re-work, or coddling of personnel. Rather, we strive to be the company who manages our work as flawlessly as possible, giving our client contacts confidence the work will be done right. We want to make you look good and we want to free you up to spend time on other priorities, knowing that Axiom’s project will be well-taken care of.

We believe that people do business with people they like.

Of course the past performance, technical capability and fair pricing must be in place, but there’s a lot to be said for having strong interpersonal relationships as well. Undoubtedly, something unexpected and unavoidable will happen in the course of any project that creates a challenge. How the team (government and contractor together) deals with this situation is dependent on a good strong working relationship and a level of mutual respect. We strive to be the kind of people who are likeable, respected and willing to jump in and help solve challenges when they arise.

We pride ourselves on a sense of urgency.

We understand that when you make a call to us, you probably need an answer right away. (Especially in the last fiscal quarter!) At Axiom Corporation, we pride ourselves on having a sense of urgency in our response time that we hear is uncommon, especially in small businesses. Our senior executives are highly accessible and strive to get you the information or action you need in the fastest manner possible so that you can keep progress moving along on your end. We much prefer to wait for our clients rather than having our clients wait on us.